The Numina Group

The Numina Group is a leading supplier of Warehouse Execution and Control Systems, WES-WCS and material handing integrator with over 30 years of experience.  We design and implement lean, automated voice directed order fulfillment automation to reduce touches, lower labor costs, and increase throughput in B to B and B to C distribution operations. Our Services and technologies automate Pick, Pack, and Ship Order Fulfillment providing higher operational efficiency and profitability!

RDS™ Voice is our multi-modal, speaker independent technology that supports single touch voice directed work tasks with hands-free SKU and lot capture barcode validation, providing 30% or higher productivity improvements.  In Pack and Ship, we offer a full family of automation technologies, including pack sheet print and insertion, along with automated print and apply labeling integrated with high performance intelligent conveyor and sorting solutions.

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“Numina Group designed our 800,000 sq./ft. Omni-Channel distribution center.  RDS™ manages the entire voice directed pick, pack and ship order fulfillment automation.  It is by far the most comprehensive and easiest to use software that I have worked with in my career.”

“Numina Group’s RDS™ Warehouse Control System integrated voice picking, conveyor controls, packing, sort management, and print and apply labeling.  The voice directed pick to carton and replenishment processes provided a 30% productivity gain over the former RF terminal based application.”

“The Numina Group designed and implemented two new distribution centers that have more than doubled our shipments capacity.  Without the streamlined, voice directed pick, pack, and ship solutions at the DCs we would not be able to sustain our level of delivery speed.”


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