Sven Verstrepen

Head of Supply Network Innovation & Analytics

Sensata Tech

Started in 1997 as a researcher in Management Information Systems at Vlerick Business School. Joined imaging technology company Agfa-Gevaert in 1999 as business analyst in various European SAP/APO, supply chain and logistics optimization projects. Switched back to applied research to work for the newly created Flanders Institute for Logistics in 2004, focusing on collaborative networks and sustainable logistics. Became independent in 2008 to start up TRI-VIZOR, the world's first neutral orchestrator and trustee of logistics horizontal collaboration. In 2011, TRI-VIZOR was awarded the European Supply Chain Innovation Award for its groundbreaking work and showcases in this field. In 2012, TRI-VIZOR won the prize of Best Belgian Spin-off Company. In 2013, we signed our first large commercial contract as European logistics network orchestrator for multinational healthcare company Baxter. Professional goals: 

Specialties: logistics horizontal collaboration, collaborative networks, supply chain orchestration, legal aspects of logistics collaboration, gain sharing models, reverse logistics and closed loop supply chains. Logistics network design and demand forecasting (SAP/APO), sustainable transport solutions and carbon footprint models. Multimodal transport.